Here you can find projects that I am working on and planning for the future. The list will be continuously updated.

Academic Projects

  • Music in Beckett’s Works
  • Film in Beckett’s Work
  • Gothic Literature: pop culture’s misrepresentation of “the monster”

  • The Disney archive (film/cultural analysis of their animations)
  • Film awards and socio-cultural reflection
  • Outliving/Becoming Science Fiction
  • The Pixar archive (film/cultural analysis of their animations)

Papers written during Master Studies 2019-2020-2021:

Master Thesis:

potential term paper:

papers written:

Rhythmicality, Musicality and Narrative in Samuel Beckett’s (Radio) Plays – (currently researching)

Vice and Identity (loss) in Shakespeare’s Othello

Cheating Death with Genre Expectations in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale or Cymbeline

The Symbiosis of Words and Music
An Analysis of Samuel Beckett’s Words and Music

“May’t be Affection?”
The Descent to Moral Depravity
A Comparison of Shakespeare’s Othello and The Winter’s Tale

Previous Term Papers
  • The Decline of Man’s Morality – A Comparison Of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Markheim
    Final Grade: 1.0
  • “The Evil from the Colonies” Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Sign of Four and BBC’s Sherlock
    Final Grade: 1.0
  • “Why would a guy wanna marry a guy?” Some Like It Hot – Sexuality and the Screwball Comedy
    Final Grade: 1.3

Private Projects

When I have the time, I am also working on a science fiction novel.