Here you can find projects that I am working on and planning for the future. The list will be continuously updated.

  • The Disney archive
  • Film awards and socio-cultural reflection
  • Outliving/Becoming Science Fiction
  • The Pixar archive

Winter Term 2019/2020:

potential term paper:

potential term paper:

Vice and Identity (loss) in Shakespeare’s Othello

Cheating Death with Genre Expectations in Shakespeare’s The Winter’s Tale or Cymbeline

Previous Term Papers
  • The Decline of Man’s Morality – A Comparison Of The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde and Markheim
    Final Grade: 1.0
  • “The Evil from the Colonies” Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Sign of Four and BBC’s Sherlock
    Final Grade: 1.0
  • “Why would a guy wanna marry a guy?” Some Like It Hot – Sexuality and the Screwball Comedy
    Final Grade: 1.3